Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Tuesday

Just a few random things to share today...

I love my eye doctor. Not only is he amusing, he also gives me lots of free samples (contacts, solution, replacement nose pads for my glasses, and two bottles of allergy eye drops today!) and he always shows a real personal interest in his patients.  Dr. Hobbs, you rock! :)

It's cooling down outside. I've noticed a few dogwood and sweet gum leaves beginning to change colors. I love watching the seasons turn, especially in a new place because you never know what you might see. The cooler weather is a relief. Last night I watched the sun go down from the hammock in the backyard, glass of chilled white wine in hand. It was soooo nice! I saw a beautiful sight right before dark, Venus shining like a small jewel in the pink western horizon. I wish I had had my camera with me.

I have a three day weekend coming up over the Labor Day holiday. Husband and I will have two of those days off together, which isn't a common thing! We're looking forward to it.

Marco has been wild lately. He had clipped wings when I got him, and his flight feathers are slowly growing back in. He had some problems as a baby bird (but that's a story for another day) and so it's taken a while for him to gain some ability to fly. But all of a sudden, he's been able to glide around the house and he's been a cocky little guy since then! Whenever he's on top of his cage, on his playgym, you can't leave the room without him trying to fly after you, and getting into a little temper if you take him back to his cage!

I only look sweet and innocent.

That's all that's up in the Burning Moonlight household this week. Happy Tuesday!

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