Friday, April 1, 2011

April fool...that's me!

So I have been trying for a week now to change the template on my blog and so far....I've only managed to default to some silly looking green grass. Sigh. I saw a book at work that I think I'm going to buy..."Blogging for Dummies". Perhaps one day this blog will look more interesting and will be more to my taste. I'm working on it, anyway!

I was off last weekend and spend both days nursing a pulled muscle in my neck/right shoulder. It is still painful even though I've been taking muscle relaxers and ibuprofen like they're going out of style. I was a bit upset about my weekend being spoiled, but it poured rain and got cold so I probably would have been stuck indoors anyway. It has rained for a solid week. I'm off today, and the sun is supposed to come out, but so far it has not. I normally don't mind the cloudy rainy days, but enough already!

Tonight I have been invited to go eat Thai food with my two favorite ladies from my old job. I was so happy to be invited! I have missed them a whole lot. And I just love Thai food, too. It should be a fun evening.

Happy April Fools Day!

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