Friday, May 6, 2011

What I've been up to

Ah, how I love a day off.

Even a day like today that is going to be spent catching up on a mountain of housework. How two childless adults can make such a mess is a mystery to me. It seems I spend all of my spare time just trying to catch up on the basic necessary stuff. Then by the time another day off rolls around, it's a huge mess again. It just never ends. Still, I guess it beats a day at work. At least I can stop occasionally and play around online!

I finally finished the baby hat I've been knitting on since my friend was pregnant with the recipient. The child that is almost a year old. And guess what? She's too big for it now! I am so disappointed. Thank goodness my friend plans to have more kids. I'm going to give it to her for the next baby. Sigh.

I did manage to get my garden planted. I am trying to not get in over my head this year, so I only have 8 tomato plants. I also have lots of herbs, but those are no trouble. I am looking forward to homegrown tomato sandwiches and herbal teas.

That's what has been going on in the Burning Moonlight household this week!

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