Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring showers and things I mean to do

Today we were treated to a long drenching downpour of warm rain. The afternoon has been dark, windy, and wet, but so warm that it feels like March already. I am becoming cautiously optimistic that this freakishly warm weather will hold and winter will just disappear without much of a visit this year. The crabapple trees, daffodils, and forsythia are blooming. There are Bradford pears and Redbud trees about to begin, as well. The birds are active and very vocal, and the little house finches are back at the feeders from their winter abroad. I would hate to see a real freeze now!

Things I must immediately begin taking pictures of, to show the blog (I've been very slack in this regard!):

1. The two alcapa wool hats I knit for Gregg while he was in the hospital. They turned out great!

2. A sweet little handpainted merino wool hat I made for a friend's imminent baby nephew.

3. The gourmet (haha) organic colorful meals and snacks I've been preparing for Gregg's (and my) benefit. It's especially important right now, given that the chemotherapy is giving him a weird taste in his mouth and he's losing his appetite. I've been carving fruit for fruit salads, making fresh juice and kefir smoothies, steaming veggies and roasting organic/pastured/local meats in the crockpot for soups and stews..and trying to garnish everything so that it's pleasing to the eye as well as the tastebuds. Some of our meals have been nice looking (and tasting!) and I've had the urge to post some pictures and recipes if anyone is interested.

4. Ginger, the awesome therapy dog! She has been walking miles each day with us, and is a huge factor in how quickly Gregg is getting well. She looks good right now, too. All the walking has her looking trim, fit, and muscular. She's a beauty, and it's obvious she's in glowing good health. If the exercise is only a fraction as good for us as it's been for her, it's worth it! I'll add some beauty shots this weekend.

I am off work for the next few days and after I catch up a bit on the housework and bills (ugh) I will take some time to blog. I also plan to take a bit of time to relax, as well. These mild rainy days are perfect not only for catching up on home maintenance, but also naps and daydreaming.


  1. I've been flechting some arrows today in my shop. Was nice out, but the wind was sharp and cold. I'm looking forward to spring. I think they are predicting the 50's for next week here. I'd forgotten about the loss of taste that comes with chemo. Walking is one of my favorite activities. It should help Gregg in his recovery. Keep us updated on how things are going. X.

    1. That's cool that you're (fleching?) arrows. I think it's important to have fun things to do while you're recovering! Sounds like you have lots of hobbies and interests which is a very good thing :)

      Gregg is an aquarium professional and hobbyist, so we've set up a new (small) tank for him to work on. I've also been bringing him lots of books and magazines to read.

      So far (day 3 after the first chemo treatment) he's not had any bad or overly bothersome side effects. I've got him on a very strict schedule of anti-nausea, pain, and digestive help pills. He hasn't had the chance to start feeling too bad since we've been so proactive! The doctor says that's the right way to handle things. He's tired, slightly achey, and not all that hungry, but that's been the extent of it so far. :) Thanks for showing such interest, and we're thinking of you and want updates on your situation too!

  2. The anti-nausea meds would make me feel like I was on speed or something. I stopped taking them after my second chemo treatment. I then opted for the upchuck routine since it only lasted for a short time. The meds would keep me up all night after receiving the chemo, then I wouldn't feel like going to work the next day for lack of sleep. X.

  3. I'm doing ok. Went to hospital today for pre-op stuff. Ekg, Xray, and bloodwork. Surgery is scheduled for 9:30 A.M. on the 7th March. My daughters will be coming from the Kansas City area to spend the first couple of days. One of them will be coming back to help out once I get home.
    As I mentioned I opted out of taking the anti nausea meds. But I know they do work. I have always had a strong stomach so I was able to skip them and only had minor spells. Sorry to hear that is giving Gregg problems. Nothing fun about throwing up.
    Gi Gi and I are both finally getting over a cold or flu bug. I should be good to go by the 7th. X.