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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hard at work

Our blueberry bushes have burst into bloom this week. A small army of bees have arrived, and are hard at work collecting pollen. I think blueberry flowers are beautiful. The bees seem to think so too!


  1. You guys are way ahead of us. I have been trying to get some blue berries going for the past 3 years. Getting good plants seems to be the hardest part. I have a total of 7 bushs now. We had several berries off of them last year. I'll be adding one bush this spring when it gets here from Starks nusery. I'm really getting anxious about working in the garden. X.

  2. We moved into this house 2 years ago, and the bushes were already in place. They are really like small trees! And we've been the lucky recipients of gallons of blueberries each summer, without the slightest effort! :)

    Hope you're feeling well and in good spirits. I am anxious to do some garden work, too.

  3. Blooms? Bees? I think I need to move further south. Lovely photos though.

  4. oh, yes! It's a lovely time of year in South Carolina. But the summers aren't very nice. And thank you for the compliment!