Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter and a joyful Spring!

We are having such a beautiful spring. Everything is vivid green with bursts of color....deep blue sky, pink and red azaleas, purple iris and clematis, potted plants of every kind appearing on doorsteps and porches. The weather has been wonderful. Warm, plenty of rain, plenty of sun, and longer and longer days to enjoy.

We've set up the hammock. Nothing is better than decompressing in it after work, sipping something cold and reading a good book(or watching the birdfeeders). The local strawberries are especially delicious and juicy right now, so the first daiquiri of the season is waiting beside the hammock this afternoon, with a book of garden writings and a pillow to make everything cozy and comfortable.

I've boiled some organic brown eggs this afternoon, and tonight I plan to dye them pretty colors to celebrate the holiday. I will of course post pictures of the eggs when they are done. Yesterday, when Gregg and I were out walking Ginger, we took a shortcut through a wooded lot behind a church. Underneath a very large pine tree,  I found a plastic Easter egg filled with candy! It seemed like a special omen of good surpises to come.

I hope everyone has a happy Easter and a most joyous Spring, filled with lots of nice little surprises!

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  1. Our Spring was just like yours, then it turned cold and damp again. I knew it would; too much of a good thing! Happy Choc-o-Fest.