Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching up

All kinds of crazy things have been happening around here lately!

One of the worst troublemakers at my job got fired this week.....and is likely facing criminal prosecution to boot!

Lest I seem cruel in sounding excited, this is a coworker that has helped make the last few months at work very unpleasant for me. She had aligned herself with my arch nemesis and together they were out to get me. So all I can say is...HA!!! (As petty as that probably makes me).  It's just soooo very satisfying when a passive aggressive, lying, manipulative thief  (ahem) coworker finally has their true colors revealed!  And karma will get you every time. I firmly believe that.

We are in the thick of summer here. I've made some trips to the farmer's market and we're feasting on fresh veggies and fruits every day. We've been eating sweet corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, tomatoes, okra, peaches, and string beans. Our neighbor's fig tree is loaded with almost-ripe fruit and he has promised me a bucket full as soon as they're ready.

I've received two very special gifts (both unexpected) in the last week as well. One from my mother, and one from my grandmother. I plan to blog about them later this week, when I can do both justice with a post all their own. For now, suffice it to say that I have been the grateful recipient of lots of love from my family lately. I am a lucky girl.

Sometimes good  karma comes back to you, too!


  1. First let me say thank you for your kind words. Your words fill me with a lot of hope.

  2. It may sound odd, but I'm very pleased to hear that your 'co-worker' has been relieved of her position. My wife worked in a similar sounding situation and the stress it caused was palpable.