Monday, July 8, 2013

Bright spots

In a week filled with rainy days, work angst, and onerous household/personal obligations, there were a few bright spots for me this first week of July.

A newly fledged house sparrow flew in to our garage yesterday, and couldn't figure out how to get back out. He kept fluttering up against a window pane instead of just flying back out through the open door. I walked up to him very slowly, and gently cupped my hands around him, and carried him outside.  He didn't protest at all. Although I've rescued and released a lot of orphaned wild baby birds, there's still nothing like holding a tiny little scrap of trusting, warm fluff in your hands. This happened before I left for work yesterday, and brightened my morning.

Speaking of work, readers that I connect with that shop at my bookstore are rare. When they do show up, it's always wonderful to trade recommendations with them. The other day I met a woman about my age with excellent taste in books (well, my taste, anyway!). We had a great conversation, and she is British, so she had the most wonderful accent! When she was leaving, she pointed to the stack of books she was about to purchase and said, "This is brilliant! Thank you so much!"  Meeting her (and her "this is brilliant" line) made my day!

Third bright spot: homemade blueberry pies! I've discovered a great easy pie recipe to use the berries we're currently picking in our backyard. I've made two so far, and will post the recipe later in the week.

What sorts of things are brightening up your week, dear readers?


  1. What lovely spots of brightness! I had a bright spot when I was able to help some tourists find fun out of the sun and heat (at the RISD museum) on Saturday.

  2. It's hot here, so plenty of swimming and late evening BBQ's are on order. I totally agree about the birds, here it's baby the Redstarts that need my help; a lovely feeling.

  3. Really lovely post - I believe in seeking the good in the bad, searching for silver linings, and opting to see the glass half full whenever possible, and this post really encompasses all those things.

    Can't wait to see your delicious blueberry pie recipe - blueberry farming was how some of my maternal relatives made their living after they came to Canada several decades ago, so I have an extra soft spot in my heart for those plump, wee little fruits because of that fact.

    ♥ Jessica