Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday morning: weekend recap and quantity cooking

This past weekend was so nice for me.  Two days off with no worries or obligations was just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. I feel refreshed and ready to take on a new week!

I visited the farmer's market on Saturday and had planned to take some pictures, but the rechargeable batteries for my camera had pooped out. Until I buy some new ones, no pictures for me! I was a bit disappointed as I left for the market that I wouldn't get to share any photos, but it turned out that it barely looks like autumn at the market so far. It's still a bit early this far south. There were no pumpkins, no gourds and Indian corn bundles, and very few mums. I did happen upon the first apples from the North Carolina mountains, and I bought a half box of mixed varieties that are destined to become pie filling and crockpot apple butter. Most of the produce for sale still looked like all the late summer offerings: a few peaches, some corn, and tomatoes. In fact, I found one stall selling heirloom tomatoes and I bought about 6 pounds to add to the first pot of chili of the season--which is slowly simmering on the stove as I type this.

Today is an unusual work day, as I am going in late (4pm) and working till midnight resetting our games department. I get to go in late, dressed down, and work with a couple of people I like doing "off hours" so no dealing with customers! And going in so late has left me plenty of time  to cook the chili, which consists of black beans, kidney beans, peeled seeded and chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, yellow and green sweet peppers, onions, one cooked and mashed sweet potato, and lots of chili spices and garlic and a small bit of cayenne pepper. Since I will be gone until late, the chili will be perfect for Gregg's dinner tonight and will reheat beautifully for the rest of the week. That means very little cooking for the next few days! That makes big batch cooking worth all the trouble--effortless meals during the work week.

Happy Monday!

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