Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Round Up

Today has been slow and easy, just the thing after a busy weekend at work.

Dear husband's birthday was very nice, even if we were both busy all weekend. There were presents (mostly new clothes) and a nice steak dinner. There was a sinfully delicious Italian Crème birthday cake purchased at the bakery down the road. On the birthday evening, it finally got cold enough to light the fireplace for the first time this year, which is always a treat. And as promised, here are some pictures of the hat I knit for the birthday dude. It's just a plain-Jane, no-pattern hat, made of good wool in a silvery grey color that this photo doesn't capture at all. I apologize for the picture quality here, it really doesn't do the hat justice:

Today has been a lazy day. I'm still sleeping at lot. I suppose it's the shorter days, but all I want to do lately is burrow under the covers of my warm, cosy bed and sleep whenever I have a day off! Once I dragged myself out of bed today, I took Ginger for a walk to our neighborhood park. It was a beautiful afternoon. Here are a couple of photos I snapped while out.

It's hard to get a photo of anything but Ginger's backside when
she's on the leash. This is the road in front of our house.


The entrance to our little park.

Headed home.


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