Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow day!

A winter storm blew through the area yesterday and last night, covering everything with a layer of ice first, then a couple of inches of snow. The entire state has been mostly shut down since yesterday afternoon, as the roads are icy and dangerous. The temperatures won't rise above freezing today, and tonight the forecast low is around 12F. Schools, government offices, and most non-essential stores are closed until further notice. The bookstore didn't open today, and I'm scheduled off tomorrow, so I don't have to venture out in this mess. I'm very thankful to be able to stay in my cozy house for the next couple of days! Husband had to go in to work, but not until noon and he'll be leaving after a few hours. I worry about him driving with ice on the road (the little bit of snow isn't a problem). Thank goodness he only has to go 4 miles, on two main roads which got treated with salt yesterday. He should be fine, but I do wish he was at home enjoying the day with me instead.

The dogs love the snow and have been going out to play in it all morning. I knew from past experience that Ginger liked it, but I wasn't sure if George would. Turns out, he seems to think snow is great fun!


A snow day is a special thing in this area. I plan to spend the rest of it baking banana bread, knitting, taking the dogs for a walk, and sipping vodka by the fireplace later on. Life is good!


  1. Our boys love deep snow; I don't. I'll join you by the fire with a glass of rouge.