Friday, May 16, 2014


It's all over! I had my surgery yesterday. They said it went well; I got to come home late in the afternoon, an hour or two after waking up. I was nauseous and in some pain when I first woke up, but they got it under control pretty fast. I was happy I didn't have to spend the night.

 I'm very grateful for pain pills right now. My abdomin is terribly sore. Getting up and down from a sitting or lying positon is difficult even taking narcotics every four hours along with an 800mg Motrin every eight hours

(Continued next day) What a morning I've had--vomiting, pain, nausea, and a sore throat. Ughhh....uncomfortable sleep, nightmares, all likely side effects of the pain meds and other drugs I've been given. This sucks.

More later. I'm blogging from my tablet, in bed, and will likely be complaining sometimes until the worst is over. The surgeon said having the operation was a wise decsion, not only was my gallbladder full of stones, but it was inflammed and covered in scar tissue. Could have turned into a very serious situation. So I am glad I did it, however much I may complain.

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  1. Thanks for your previous medical lesson. Sounds like a case of 'better out than in'. I hope your recovery is swift, may I suggest books, TV, and red wine.