Thursday, November 6, 2014

Candy Mischief

Halloween was a bit of a bust. I bought candy and small toys, lit up the plastic jack-o-lanterns, and rushed home from work to be here in time to welcome any kids that showed up. Unfortunately, not a single trick or treater rang the bell. I wasn't altogether surprised, since our neighborhood runs mostly to retired couples. We never see very many, but none at all was a letdown. The only good part of that was all the leftover candy.

A bowl of which we had on our kitchen counter, beside Marco's cage.

And he's a little terrorist that lives for trouble and sneaking around. We should have known better.

I got home from work the other night and my husband met me at the door to tell me that Marco had raided the candy bowl. He had been playing happily on top of his cage for an hour, and so my husband forgot he was out and went to the other room to mess around on the computer. When he finally remembered and went to check on Marco, that crazy bird had eaten most of a miniature Heath chocolate bar! We were worried about the chocolate, but he seemed fine afterwards, and so we threw away the bowl of (half-chewed) candies and forgot about it. Until the next morning.

Once again, Mr. Man was playing on top of his cage. I went to the bathroom, and then made a couple of phone calls. When I went back to check on him, he was gone. After searching the house, I finally found him in the dining room. Somehow, he had figured out that we still had some candy left in a plastic bag on the dining room table. This is how I found him:

Enjoying a Whopper malted milk ball, and making a chocolatey mess on my grandmother's lace tablecloth.


  1. Our local children come round as a gang. One of the mothers lets us know on what day and at what time, so we're waiting for them. As usual I was dressed to frighten, but my little 5 year old friend Zara rushed up to me, threw her arms around me and said " I know it's you, and I'm not afraid". I must be losing my touch!

    1. Awww, that's so sweet! I'll bet that little girl just loves you to pieces. :)

  2. Birds have an unerring titbit-sensor. If there's anything tasty in the vicinity, they'll manage to track it down. I'm surprised he's so partial to chocolate though.

    We had four trick-or-treaters, two of them groups of teenage girls who shamelessly grabbed as much as they could from our bowl of chocolate bars. They deserved it though, they had some really spooky costumes.

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry that you didn't get any little goblins or ghouls at your door on Halloween. We lived on the 23rd floor of a high rise apartment in Toronto for a few years and had some All Hallows Eves like that as well. If you're a fan of the day, it's a big let down for sure. Fingers and toes crossed that you get at least a few kids next year.

    ♥ Jessica