Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August afternoon

I forget how much I love sitting outside on summer afternoons. It's been so hot that staying in the house all day long can get to be a bad habit.

Even on a hot afternoon, the deep green shade of the backyard can be surprisingly pleasant. Especially with a good breeze blowing.

There are several young walnut trees for shade. If I take a book and a cold drink out to sit under them, Ginger always follows me and stretches out at my feet. It's too hot for George and he refuses.

I also went shopping at the tiny farm stand down the road and bought the most beautiful peaches and plums. They're making the dining room smell like heaven.

It's a lovely August afternoon!


  1. It was hot here yesterday, and as usual (at 6pm) I sat outside, under a palm tree, listening to the pool water moving, with a glass or two of wine...... perfect.

    Then all night we've had thunder, lightning, and heavy rain..... not so perfect.

  2. In what part of the country are you living? Perhaps it says somewhere in your blog that escaped me.

    I'm currently visiting in LA, a friend who lives near enough to the beach that her house gets the marine layer of air and sometimes fog that can cool the late afternoon and evening considerably.

    I envy you getting the local peaches, perhaps my favorite fruit (when it's not the chain grocery store type).

    1. Hi Mike, I live in South Carolina. And our local peaches are wonderful!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your August afternoon sounds lovely.

  4. You live in a beautiful place, here is hot, very hot,35c, waiting for cooler days.

  5. I love that Ginger sits between your feet he looks just like our old dog Jen. Sitting in the shade on an August afternoon - what could be better.

  6. Being lazy sometimes is surely good for us. By the way, you have erm... interesting toes Jennifer! I presume that you put a saddle on Ginger before riding him into the yard.