Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday night miscellany

This is what my day has looked like.

The iris are still blooming, and they get prettier every day...

And our huge Confederate Jasmine hedge is blooming. It smells like heaven...

(It's a really big hedge).

Then there's my potted miniature rose bush on the patio, looking good again this year...

In addition to all of the spring flowers, I enjoyed spending time with the dogs today. We all spent an hour or so hanging out together in the backyard.

Whenever we go out, Ginger loves meeting us at the back gate when we return if George isn't paying attention. That's because she's allowed to come out of the fence off leash as a special treat. George can't be trusted. He'll run from you and make you chase him all over the neighborhood.  When I got home from a quick trip to the grocery store this afternoon Ginger got to come out and help me bring in the bags. She's such a good girl. Look how happy she looks! I love her so much!

The best part of being off  leash is that George isn't allowed to be!


  1. hahahahahahahah gud dugs get treats.
    Ginger is beautiful !

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  2. Beautiful flowers, and a nice glimpse of homelife at your place :-)
    The potted miniature rose looks great - I have always only been unable to keep potted mini roses, my "black thumbs" are not good for any type of plant that requires more care than a splash of water on Saturday mornings.

  3. I am intrigued by that Confederate Jasmine hedge.

  4. Poor old George! It doesn't seem fair that Ginger gets such favourable treatment while George is whining and crying. I hope he doesn't report you the Canine Defence League. After all, his civil rights are being violated!

  5. We have the same flowers in our gardens Jennifer, yours look beautiful.I like the dogs too:)

  6. We've found that our "girls" have always stayed close by but the males have always escaped at the first opportunity - must be a macho thing!
    The iris is quite spectacular and I can almost smell that jasmine hedge from here (across the pond !, what a good idea to use it that way, rather than as a climber.