Saturday, May 28, 2016

Finally! A fun weekend!

I've mentioned here before that I rarely get weekends off--sometimes I have a four or five month stretch without one. If I don't request them, I don't get them. Since tomorrow is my new book club's first meeting, and it's taking place at my house, I asked for this whole weekend off to get ready.

When I made the request, I didn't realize it was going to be Memorial Day weekend--what great luck! No one likes working holiday weekends, and I usually do more than my fair share of it. So, yay for me! I get to miss the craziness that be going on at the mall today and tomorrow!

For tomorrow's gathering, I only have a couple of last minute housework things left to do. I can knock those out in an hour or so. After lunch, Marla and I are going shopping for the food and drinks for the party, and I think we're going to scour the dollar stores for fun decorations, too. We're trying to have a themed gathering to fit the book we'll be discussing. * Now that the housework is done, the fun part of the preparation can begin!

Just as a sneak peek for you all, here's the menu we've come up with to fit the book's Polish fairy-tale theme:

Smoky Dragon Bites
Falcon's Pinwheels
Herbed Goat Cheese with crackers
Mixed Woodland Berries and Fruits
Agnieszka's Midsummer Punch
Iced Herbal Tea

I'll try to post pictures, a book review, and recipes at the beginning of next week! Have a good one!

*Naomi Novik's Uprooted


  1. Your menu looks tantalizing. Have fun being the book club hostess.

    1. Thank you! My friend Marla is bringing an apple tart, so we'll be adding that to the menu, too. :)

  2. I wish you luck. How many club members do you have?

    1. There will only be 6 of us tomorrow. There are 3 more that can't make it this time, but hopefully they'll join us for future meetings!

  3. Hope you have the greatest of times, wonderful menu.

  4. Have a great time ! Look forward to hearing how it goes.
    From experience, having run a couple of groups in the past, I found that the numbers fall off, until you have nucleus of dedicated members.

  5. Sounds like good fun, and I like the items on the menu, although I must admit I have never eaten dragon or falcon ;-)

  6. By now, I guess the book club meeting has been and gone. I hope it went well and that there was no fighting as you argued about the novel's finer points.