Saturday, March 18, 2017

Typical weekend

It's a typical Saturday night for me: a busy closing shift at the mall. Sigh.

Back tomorrow.


  1. Ha ha and good point. Sounds like your Saturday is somewhat of a bummer; I hope your Sunday is just what you want it to be.

  2. Heavy sigh. But great words of encouragement.

  3. If there are no country songs about working late at the mall in humdrum jobs then there should be! In fact there should be a whole album of such songs...
    "Stuck in The Mall Without You"
    "Feeling Blue in The Florence Mall"
    "Meet Me in the Mall at Midnight"
    "There's a Gal in the Mall Called Jennifer"

  4. Malls. Bleagh. Haven't been in one for years, unless going in a movie theater attached to a mall to see Hidden Figures counts. Stay strong. This too shall pass.


  5. Like Janie, I do not go into malls but to the "Borders Books" when it was attached to the mall.
    Since Borders closed I have not been even close to a mall.
    My Daughter is looking for work again. She has a huge following at the coffee shop she works at and sales have gone up but the manager is nuts. She can't take it any more. She doesn't want to leave but like you she can not take it anymore. She goe to work at 5 am.

    I love Bookstores and I would go to your if I lived near you. I always loved the kids section the best. I just know you are doing your best and I hope you you can find a new job soon or a new manager. Big hugs and a woof.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

    1. I work in another chain bookstore that begins with a B. It would be a lot more pleasant if it wasn't attached to a mall.

  6. I hope your are better today Jennifer.

  7. Dear Jennifer, I hope your Sunday is going better than your Saturday did!

    1. I slept until after 10am. And I'm off today.

      And guess what? We both have birthdays this week!! 🍷🍷