Friday, May 12, 2017

Reasons to smile

Thanks to my friend Terra over at Terra Garden for giving me an idea for a blog post today. I've been feeling uninspired and a trifle depressed this week, and haven't had much to say here on the blog. Making a list of reasons to smile has got to help lift my mood, right?

Here are a few things that spring immediately to mind:

* Everything about being outdoors right now.
This is such a nice time of year. There's about a thousand shades of green outside. Flowers are blooming in my yard and all over town: jasmine, magnolias, roses (how I envy my neighbors their roses!) the water lily and blue pickerel in Gregg's container pond, bright red geraniums in pots. Speaking of which, I bought myself  a small pot of geraniums at the farm stand down the road. They brighten up our back patio.

Blue Pickerel in the container pond.

*These two sweethearts.

Ginger and George both got baths on my last day off. They both feel and smell so good right now! And sweet? Oh my goodness. These two are always affectionate and happy and full of doggy zen. The hardest part of their day is when Gregg or I leave for work--they watch us getting in our cars and driving away with solemn faces and mournful eyes.

*Small surprises in the mail.
A few of my blog friends and I now correspond through "snail mail" and I love it! Here are two postcards I received just in the last week or so, one from California and the other from Arizona. Unexpected cards and letters in the mail make me so happy! Thank you both!

On the refrigerator for frequent viewing!

What kinds of things are making you smile these days?


  1. Yes, your blog post is cheery. I could have mentioned snail mail from my dear pen pals, that always makes me smile. I'm glad my post inspired you.

  2. Ginger and George, are so sweet.

  3. Beautiful flowers and sweet clean dogs will surely bring happiness.

    Sunshine and less pollen in the air are also very welcome! xo

  4. I have always wanted a water garden !
    Beautiful !
    I have been having a tough go of it and then I go outside and it gets better.
    Just had a family (18) of Javelinas mosey through my yard this morning . They were drinking from the ponds I put out. The babies are so big now. They make me smile.
    Ginger and George are the best !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I love bright red geraniums. First thing Paul and I will do when we get back to France next week is a trip to the nursery and buy a whole load of geraniums for the courtyard.

  6. Good to read you are able to see The Good and not let depression win.
    I am still on holiday in Italy on the shore of Lago Maggiore (their "Great Lake") with the man I love so much, and enjoying every minute of it, in spite of an entire day of rain yesterday.

  7. Good idea. Hope it helped with your mood. I write 3 things I'm grateful for everyday to help me with my attitude. I am mostly grateful it's the end of the work week today. Take care.

  8. Not much is making me smile right now - with health issues, political issues etc. But soon I shall be sleeping. Maybe I will dream of a distant beach in Sri Lanka or Thailand and smile...

  9. Red geraniums always lift my spirits...


  10. It has been (very) difficult to find peace and joy lately, but I am encouraged by your post. There are plenty of reasons to smile; family, flowers and loving pets are on the top of my list.

  11. Luckily I am a very happy smiley person. I wake happy, and if no-one annoys me I go to sleep happy. So in answer to your question I would have to say 'almost everything'.

  12. At the risk of losing my anonymity by revealing the other three letters of my fiendishly clever pen-name, Geo., I will simply add approval to the dog that isn't named Ginger. I trust my secret is safe with you and hope Ginger is a female, as was a special friend of that name in my youth.

  13. A beautiful sunrise, a beautiful sunset at the end of a perfect evening. Sharing pleasures with a happy dog. Enjoyable times with friends. The photos of George and Ginger too - I remember when we had two girls who cuddled up together - brings back happy memories.