Friday, July 6, 2018

Dog days at home

Remember when I told you that our dog Ginger hated to come inside the house and we had to make her do it to escape the heat? Well, she's quickly come to appreciate air conditioning and now we have to make her go back outside at night! What a change!

Both of the dogs have decided that they love being indoors, and they've mostly been good as gold when they're in here. Unfortunately, Marco the bird is NOT happy with this arrangement because he has to stay in his cage all day (except for a few minutes here and there when I close off the back half of the house where the dogs like to nap) until we put them back out for the night. It's been a real pain, confining him to his cage so much because he screams and screeches with frustration. I don't blame him, either. But we don't dare trust the dogs with him, as they've both been known to catch and kill squirrels in the past. And Marco wouldn't know any better but to fly right up to them with his typical parrot cockiness. This is the main reason the dogs have always lived in the garage, laundry room, and backyard, to ensure Marco's safety....but it's too darn hot for that right now, so we all have to manage the best we can. The dogs are getting terribly spoiled, though.

Speaking of spoiled (and entitled) let me tell you what Ginger did on the 4th of July. I had cooked a special meal to mark the holiday and to have a small break from my diet. We had fried chicken, homemade biscuits, corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and a baked cherry crumble made with fresh cherries I had spent the afternoon pitting. Well, when it was time to eat dinner we decided to eat in the den in front of the tv so we could watch a movie. We had just put our plates of food down on the coffee table, and Gregg went to the bathroom while I went back to the kitchen for something to drink. When I came back, guess what I saw? Our "good" dog, Miss Ginger, had helped herself to a fried chicken drumstick off Gregg's plate!  I couldn't help but laugh even though it was a very naughty thing to do. As I said, she's our "good" dog, our "smart, well behaved, never does anything wrong" dog....and there she was, a chicken thief! Poor Georgie, who always gets blamed for being a wild child and is always in trouble, wouldn't have dared to do such a thing! Haha.

Marla came to visit the other day and brought baby Carsen. It was their first trip out together without daddy (he was at work). I made George go outside while they were here. He means well, but he's huge (88 pounds) and goofy and excitable and I wasn't comfortable having him around such a small baby. Ginger, on the other hand, is steady and sensible and well behaved, and so I let her stay inside and meet Carsen. She was fascinated with that tiny little human! She sniffed her carefully, wagged, and then sat at Marla's feet and watched the baby closely. Every time Carsen fussed a little Ginger would gently touch her foot or hand with her nose, and her eyes were full of concern. Gregg and I were so surprised at how much Ginger seemed to like her, given that she's never been around babies, and only rarely has been exposed to children at all. It was really sweet!

I feel like I'm spending my whole summer watching over the dogs since they're in the house. George has done one bad thing--he got a paperback novel and chewed it up while I was in the other room one day, and I also caught him with one of my socks in his mouth another time. I'm trying to be vigilant about watching him so that nothing of value gets destroyed, because chewing is his favorite thing to do when he's bored. I feel like I have two kids tying me down these days! Make that three if you count Marco.


  1. In Tucson we are used to this type of weather but lately even for us it is hot. Winston keeps wanting to go outside to play and a second later here he is wanting to come in. Too hot for little black gud dugs !
    How sweet Marla and Carsen came for a visit. with sweet baby sitter Ginger.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Gayle, Marla absolutely loved the gift you sent! I gave it to her that day. And when she took it home and showed her husband, he loved it too! Thank you so much. :)

  2. This is why I have chickens and cats. I raised four kids and have five grandchildren and dogs are just too much like children when it comes to needs.
    Plus, don't tell anyone but I'm not really a dog person. I adore other people's dogs, though. Generally.

  3. That 4th of July dinner sounds so good! I can understand why Ginger couldn't help but join in.

  4. You said it! They are sooooo much like children, good luck with Marco.

  5. Welcome to my world hard complicated old world xxx

  6. I'm with Mitchell--poor Marco. Every one of those animals is "somebody" in the family hierarchy, and entitled. I think Marco rightly feels put upon, but is the most easily (albeit unhappily) accommodated through this rough stretch of weather.

  7. Like Ms. Moon, I like other people’s dogs but haven’t the energy to have my own. My step-mom has two Boarder collies and they have more energy than preschoolers. My cat sleeps 23 hours a day.

    I would have stolen the chicken too!

  8. Opportunists, like most dogs. Leave something tasty within mouth distance, and goodbye!

  9. On the whole, you seem to be managing pretty well. I do feel sorry for Marco, and I hope he won't take "revenge" when eventually he'll be allowed more freedom again, by destroying things.
    That bit about Ginger and baby Carsen is really sweet, and quite amazing!

  10. Rick has got over his fear of fans in this hot weather and happily sits right in front of it now with the breeze blowing his ears.

  11. Funny that the dogs have adapted so quickly to being inside! In addition to the air conditioning, I bet they enjoy being in proximity to you. Olga always wants to be wherever we are. I hope Marco endures the situation successfully! Olga loves to chew, too, but fortunately she sticks exclusively to her own toys.

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