Thursday, November 18, 2010

The View From the Window

This is the what the trees in my backyard look like as seen from our bedroom windows.
The bare tree in front is a black walnut, which did not produce many nuts at all this year. I wonder if they are like pecan trees, in that they have "off" years regularly. I grew up around pecan trees, but this was my first experience with a walnut. I immediately noticed a slight difference in the foliage from a pecan, in that the pattern of the palmate leaves seemed...slightly different. As though they were placed in more circular patterns and the leaves seemed ever so slightly rounder. I had hoped to gather some walnuts this fall, but the few that we saw on the tree this summer seemed to just disappear. I imagine the squirrels got some. There was a momma squirrel this year that had a big nest in the walnut tree and lived there with her two babies. I believe a hawk killed one of the youngsters, but the other is still around and likes to run along the top of the privacy fence with Ginger bounding along below. They play together, which is kind of funny to watch. My crazy dog has squirrel buddies!

The perennial herb garden that I've planted seems to be doing well. The herbs that were in pots have perked up some after getting more room in the ground. I gave them a good layer of mulch and they seem to be reveling in their new beds despite the cold nights. I was able to finally plant my strawberry plants that had been living in pots for two years now. I think I will grow some edible flowers among the herbs next summer...such as nasturtiums. I also would like to buy some huge containers to plant various mints in (I don't dare put any mint into the ground with the other is always a bully!) I would also like to find some different varieties of sage to plant. I could start them from seed and have a great selection, but perennials take forever to grow out! I want plenty of herbs by next summer!

Speaking of herbs, I am so glad to have lots of rosemary that survived the move, and plenty of sage as well. Thanksgiving is almost here, and I love sage and rosemary with any roasted meat, potatoes, and mixed with real butter. This year Thanksgiving will only be me, Husband, Ginger, and Marco so I have not decided what to cook yet. I would like a simple, but special, meal for two that won't be too much work...any ideas? Suggestions?

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