Monday, December 13, 2010

Ready or not...

I can't believe how cold it is here. Last night was 26F with 20-30mph wind. Brrr! That's pretty chilly here in South Carolina, esp. so early in the winter!  Tonight is supposed get down to 19F, and tomorrow to 17F. Although I am dreading the power bill next month, I have to admit I kind of like this. It really feels like the holidays are here when it's so cold outside. I love our new fireplace (the first time we've ever rented a house with a working one!) and getting cozy with my knitting and a glass of wine while the wind howls outside. I sure hope this early cold means we'll be seeing some snow this year! Last year we got a couple of inches one night, but it melted away by noon.

Snow for Christmas would be nice, but that hasn't happened since 1989. I remember exactly because that was the Christmas day that my dad's father died suddenly of a heart attack. Although it would bring back some sad memories for my family, I think enough time has passed that it wouldn't be so bad. I' m not counting on it, though. I was 14 (!!!) when it happened last, so I don't think the odds are all that great!

I am officially very behind on holiday preparations. Tomorrow is my last day off until Dec. 21 so I must get some cleaning and shopping done. I am not by nature a shopper, it is not something I enjoy, and I always seem to put it off for as long as possible. This year since we're not buying lots of gifts it shouldn't be too bad.
My two biggest shopping problems are what to get my dad and father in law. They're tough ones to buy things for. Besides that, it's just lots of drudge the house, making lists, planning meals, and shopping for those meals. Since this is our busiest time of year at work, I don't have much energy left when I get home, and I've been procrastinating on making the holiday happen. I have a feeling I'll be paying for it for the next week if I want to have a celebration at all this year. Thank goodness I don't have kids! Then I'd really be in trouble! :)

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