Monday, December 27, 2010

A Snowglobe Christmas

We had a surprise gift late Christmas night--snow! When I woke up yesterday there was over an inch on the ground and it continued to snow lightly all day long. Although the roads here are not safe when there is any ice at all, and even though I still had to go to work, it has been just beautiful outside and I find myself repeatedly drawn to the windows to look. It is beginning to melt today in sunny spots, even though it is bitterly cold outside. I think the high today is 38F, with strong winds and tonight a near-record low of 18F is expected--and the winds will continue. The wind chill is expected to be below 0! We're getting real winter weather for the holidays this year!

We have discovered a new (to us) band this Christmas...Pink Martini. I bought Husband a copy of their new release "Joy to the World" for his stocking after he heard them perform live on NPR and thought they were awesome. It's a holiday album, but in addition to some traditional carols that you might expect, there is a Hannukah song, a Chinese New Year's song, and other assorted surprises. Our favorite is "A Snowglobe Christmas". It features a steel guitar! :)

"...and when the snowflakes fall among the Douglas fir
it's like a snowglobe Christmas and we're living in a perfect world
of trees............and harmony.........
I'm there with you
you're here with me."

Our very own snowglobe yard!

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