Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loose ends

This has been a long week. It has mostly been spent at my old job (an empty building at this point) tying up loose ends. Very, very boring but I'm getting paid for doing.....not much! Tomorrow is my last day. My boss is coming to town to take me to lunch, then we're doing one last walk through at 3pm...then I'm done.

I start my new job on Monday morning. I'm very grateful that there will be no gap in my employment, although everyone seems surprised that I'm not taking a week or two off. I don't care about time off. I just want to get started so I can quickly get over the new job anxiety! I hope I will like it, and more importantly, I hope I will like the people. I have been so fortunate these last 7 years to work with a great crew. I hope my luck in that regard holds out!

Spring is definitely almost here.  The pear trees in our yard are on the verge of bursting into bloom, and the tulip magnolias around town are about to bloom as well (they're my favorite early spring flowers). Daffodils are blooming, and so are our camellias. The shoots of iris are growing, but it will be April before the actual flowers appear.

The birds love the new feeders I bought! Especially the song sparrows. It won't be long before they have their first clutch of babies. Mom and Dad are working hard on the nestbox, which we can see from our kitchen window. Marco has a pretty good view of their nestbox too, and he seems to enjoy watching them.

Well, back to work. (I'm at home taking a long lunch.) I will probably get some knitting done this afternoon while we're killing time.

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