Thursday, February 10, 2011

A watched phone never rings!

So I'm waiting to hear back from my job interview Tuesday morning. It's only Thursday afternoon, but I was so sure they were eager to have me that now I have a sinking feeling that they must really be looking at other people. Or else I sounded like an idiot. Which is always a distinct possibility when I get nervous.

I keep putting my cell phone in another room then checking it a half hour later to see if there's a missed call. And I made sure the ringer was turned up. This reminds me of  high school, when the bad boyfriend wouldn't call but somehow I thought maybe if I stared at the phone long enough it would RING already. I hate waiting for the phone to ring. Sigh.

To take my mind off it, I'm cooking a nice pot roast for dinner, along with wild rice and roasted vegetables. I went and picked up seed starting mix today at Southern States farm supply, so tonight I can start my tomatoes, herbs and flowers. I also picked up a new hanging bird feeder for seeds, and a suet holder too. The bird feeders that we had at the old house were in shabby condition so we didn't bring them. I've been feeding the backyard birds on a broken feeder I found here but it wastes seeds so I needed new ones.

 GB (husband) spotted two species of woodpeckers in our back yard this morning...Downy and Red bellied. They will be especially happy with the suet feeder. I picked up a suet cake for them that is called the "Party Mix" because besides seeds and fat it has shelled nuts and raisins inside.The idea of a party cake for the birds made me smile! I need to go hang both the new feeders this afternoon. The birds are beginning to think about raising families (the song sparrows are adding material to the nestbox, and GB saw two mourning doves mating this morning!) so they all need the extra boost right now while wild food is still scarce.

Maybe if I go cook, hang feeders, clean, and start seeds I really will have a missed call this evening! One thing I know for sure: a watched phone will absolutely not ring!

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