Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The twelth of June

Today is my wedding anniversary.

Six years ago today GB and I got up at dawn, drove to a nearby courthouse, and were married by a notary at 8am. We exchanged vows in front of a fountain, which came on and splashed us just as he put my wedding ring on! It was funny and sweet, and afterwards we drove to the coast and camped at Huntington Beach state park. It was a lovely vacation spent on the beach, by the marsh, and wandering through the nearby sculpture garden. Huntington Beach and Brookgreen Gardens will always be two of my favorite spots on the face of the earth. A week later, we came home and announced our marriage to our family and friends--yes, we eloped! Everyone was so surprised!

It has been a good six years. Many things have changed, and we've been through lots of joys and trials, but we're still happy and in love. I can heartily recommend marrying your best friend--it was the best decision I ever made!

Happy Anniversary, my love. May we celebrate many, many more happy years together. I would marry you all over again!

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