Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tidbits from a vacation

First off, the planning for my Mid Autumn Moon party is in high gear! It will soon be time to start stockpiling party supplies for our end of September celebration. I don't want to have to buy everything all at once, since it will be much easier on my budget if I spread out the purchases over the next 8 weeks. I am so excited to be hosting this party for my girlfriends again this year!

In case you weren't reading here last year, this is a link to Waverly Fitzgerald's wonderful article about the Mid Autumn Moon celebrations in Asia, which was the original inspiration for my party:

On Monday I drove the 30 miles or so to visit my dad, as it was his birthday. My mom cooked a nice meal for the three of us and we spent the day catching up.

The rest of my week has been pretty lazy. The most effort I make is when GB, Ginger and I go out for our nightly walks around the neighborhood. It's much cooler after dark and it's fun to greet our neighbors that are out getting their exercise, too. Lots of people around here take their dogs out walking after dark, so Ginger has made a few friends in the process. There is also a gray and white cat that always follows us for a block or so every night after we pass her house. She's a sweet cat, and loves to be petted, but Ginger gets a wide eyed look when a cat sidles up to her for affection, so we keep her leash short at those times, just in case. Ginger obviously doesn't know what to make of a cat that willingly hangs out with us. Normally, to her, cats are for chasing!

After our nightly walks, GB and I have been watching lots of movies and TV shows together on Netflix. Sometimes Marco likes to hang out on our shoulders so he can watch the movies too! Here are my two favorite men deeply engrossed in an old film:

Best buddies.

So that's about it for the news from my vacation. Relaxing, uneventful time off...just what the doctor ordered! Tomorrow is my last day off. I go back to work on Friday, which I am not looking forward to. I guess I just have to pack as much fun and enjoyment into today and tomorrow as I can!

Oh, and how did it get to be August so fast? Time sure flies!  Happy August, and Happy Lammas to all my friends!


  1. So glad you're having this nice time off! And the pic of G and Marco is great!

  2. Yes, we were watching old movies...which reminds me....Have you ever seen Paper Moon, with Ryan and Tatum O'Neil? The fiesty little girl in the movie is named Addie. :)

  3. Happy belated Lammas. You're right, the year seems to be flying by. Enjoy your last day of holiday.

  4. Hope the Mr. is doing ok. Just wanted to touch base and let you know I'm still kickin. We're finally getting a small repreive from the heat here in Mo. X.