Friday, August 31, 2012

Walking under a blue moon

I felt I had to at least acknowledge tonight's blue moon on the blog, seeing as how we won't see another until 2015. As always, GB and Ginger and I took a long walk around the neighborhood after dark, and we took care to notice the big, bright moon shining down.

These evening walks are a real pleasure. Ginger thinks they are the most wonderful thing in the world, and the three of us have done lots of bonding this year while out together walking at night.

There is a cat several blocks over that always meets us near her house, comes up for petting and nose-touching with Ginger, and then walks with us for about half a block. Ginger has also made friends with a big boisterous mutt named Bob that lives in our neighborhood. Occasionally, when we walk during the daytime, Bob's people will bring him out to see Ginger. Most of the time we see him hanging out silhouetted at their front door, though, since we do most of our walking at night. Another treat when walking at night (in the summer) is seeing a pair of killdeer running around a parking lot on our route. They have an unmistakable call and will feign a broken wing to lure you away from their youngsters. I don't think they're normally active at night, but since we walk across the parking lot I suppose we disturb them when they have babies (killdeer lay eggs on flat surfaces, like parking lots and golf courses). It's always nice to see them under the street lights, running in circles and calling to each other. There are always good things to notice when we're out at night.

So that's how I celebrated tonight's blue moon, out walking under it and spending time with the family. And now, here comes September!


  1. September (along with June) is my favourite month of the year. So I'm very happy to welcome its arrival.

  2. I'm glad you got to get out and acknowledge the blue moon. I didn't realize it would be so long until the next one! I thought we got one per year, usually.

    Your evening walks sound lovely. Maybe a tradition we'll start at our house.