Friday, September 7, 2012

The sweetest word I know.... BENIGN!!!

My husband, who already beat lung cancer earlier this year, had to go for a colonoscopy on Wednesday. We were terribly worried about it, as his father died of colon cancer. Then, when the procedure was over, the doctor told us he had removed three polyps, two of which were quite large. He was concerned that the size made them more likely to be cancerous, and we had no option but to wait on the pathology report.

While waiting, my poor guy ended up getting admitted to the hospital. He started throwing up after he got home from the colonoscopy, and when I took him to the ER they found that not only was he really dehydrated, but his white blood cell count was very high. They were concerned that the procedure might have resulted in a perforated colon, which is rare, but deadly serious. So they had to run lots of tests to make sure that that had not happened. Thank goodness, it hadn't. They are not sure what caused his spike in white cells, but everything is back to normal now and they think he is ok.

And this morning, the doctor came to the hospital room to let us know that the pathology report is in, and the polyps were all benign! I can't begin to tell you how relieved we were. Nothing is worse than waiting for test results like that. We were so very afraid of the worst.

Later tonight, GB will get to come home, with a fresh clean bill of health. Now that the colonoscopy is done, we are certain that he is absolutely cancer free all over. I am beyond thrilled!

Benign: the sweetest word I know.


  1. I'm so happy that you and hubby got good news. How well I know how nerve wracking waiting for tests can be! They are still following mine to see if the nodule grows. Now I am waiting on thyroid scan results. Hugs to both of you.

  2. Not only very stressful for the patient, but for everyone around. Thank goodness you got the answer you hoped for. My very best wishes, and congrats, to your husband. Cro.

  3. Hello Jennifer. I've just popped over from Cro's blog to say that I think you should find out who the minister/pastor of the Crabapple Church is, ask them if you can pick the crabapples, and maybe donate some of the crabapple jelly to their next church fete, or whatever. Frankly, I think that they would be happy that someone was putting God's bounty to good use and not wasting it.

    And it's good to read that you have had good news - waiting for results is always worrying: however much you tell yourself not to, you imagine the worst possible worst-case scenario! Good luck for the future!

    1. I have often considered doing just that, and donating some of the jelly to the church is an excellent idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog!