Sunday, September 23, 2012


This year the autumn equinox snuck past me and I failed to notice. I guess I've had a lot going on and was distracted. Last night I was sitting in my office, messing around on the Internet, and I looked outside and thought, "Good God! It's completely dark already, and it's only 7:45!" Then I realized that, of course it would be dark already, being September 22....and then I knew that the equinox had passed without me taking note of it.

So Happy Autumn Equinox, dear readers!

Here are some fall pictures from around my neighborhood. These were taken last year.

Just a bit of color.

Spider lilies, that are already blooming again this year in our backyard.
 A true sign of autumn.

The street in front of our house.
See Ginger sniffing around at the bottom?



  1. Autumn is galloping towards us here. I suppose we just have to accept it!

  2. I just realized the comments I had posted on all of your previous blogs the other day were not showing up. I forgot to do the word verification thing to prove I'm not a bot. LOL. So, I am sorry my messages about your wonderful blogs never got to you!