Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is here!

November came in on a cold front this year! This morning dawned clear and cold, but with bright sunshine and the bluest of blue skies. This month contains my darling GB's birthday, Thanksgiving, and the start of the holiday season!

The past three nights I've worked very late, doing holiday merchandising at the bookstore. We've pretty much completed the bulk of the work, and I'm very happy that tonight I will finally make it home before midnight. Last night I finally understood why we have so few trick or treaters at our house....the mall was packed with little ghosts and goblins and princesses looking for goodies. I never knew Halloween at the mall was such a big event. I'm still not terribly impressed, I think the old fashioned door-to-door thing is better, but it was nice to feel that I got to see a little of the fun. Our store gave out candies, pencils, and stickers.

I'm happy to see November arrive, and more than anything I am looking forward to New Year's Eve. It's been a rough year at my house, and we're going to have to do some major celebrating when we finally see the end of it! Actually, we plan to do some major celebrating throughout all of the winter holidays this year!


  1. We took Addison to the mall last year when we were in Florence and we HATED it. She was too little and it was a pain to stand and wait in a big long line just to have someone give her some candy. It didn't feel like Halloween, just a packed mall with tons of kids and irritated parents.

  2. I'm happy that November is here, too. October and September were, over all, very lovely months, and it's my hope that the beauty and joy they possessed with carry on into the eleventh month of the year for everyone.

    Thank you very much for your comment on my vintage nurse costume post. I adore the fact that you know a woman who still dresses like that on job. I'm doffing my vintage nurse's cap to her indeed! :)

    ♥ Jessica