Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red state blues.

It's election day! And here in South Carolina, it's also "show off how racist, uninformed, homophobic, and misogynistic you really are!!" day. The one good thing about election day finally arriving is that no matter who wins, it means the extreme right-wing teabaggers will finally quiet down a bit and get back to their small, miserable little lives. They've been spewing venomous hate and contempt for months now, and it's difficult to be a liberal in this kind of atmosphere. (To give you an example, I once posted something on facebook about supporting gay marriage and I got blasted by  people I once considered good friends who said I "supported perversion"and  "was completely misguided" and worse...all for suggesting that everyone should have the same civil rights in this country!)

In any case, today I actually get to stay at home in my pjs and avoid the lines at the polling stations, because I voted two weeks ago! I didn't actually intend to do the early voting thing. I went to the voter registration office to change the address on my voter ID, and discovered that it was going on. The nice man that took care of updating my address urged me to go ahead and cast my ballot. What a great idea! It's only 9 am today, and people are already filling up my facebook news feed with reports of standing in lines for over an hour. I waited a grand total of 10 minutes! That was a lucky break for me.

I don't think there's a chance in hell that my vote will actually make a difference in my state. The "red" candidate always, always wins in South Carolina.  Still, I consider my vote and the vote of others like me important, if only in principle, in this area.


  1. I am in Texas so I feel your pain indeed. But you better believe this BLUE girl voted in this very, very red state!

  2. Good luck to all of you; of whatever colour. With the US now having dropped out of the top 10 most prosperous countries, someone needs to find a solution pretty darned quick!