Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blueberry blossoms

It's beginning!

The blueberry bushes in our back yard are bursting into bloom, promising buckets full of beautiful berries in June.

We lucked out when we moved in to this house; these bushes were already here. They're quite large, and produce great quantities of berries. We always give lots away with more than enough left for us (and the birds and squirrels, too). Aside from the delicious fruit, blueberries plants would be worth growing just for the spring flowers and the red autumn foliage. They add a lot of visual interest to a backyard garden, and will attract plenty of wildlife to boot. All that, and they seem to require almost no care at all. They're wonderful plants!


  1. They look beautiful; and blueberries too....

    Our peach trees are about to flower, and we have frost. I'm always worried, at this time of year, that we'll have no fruit.

  2. seems you've been spammed... I had to turn on comment moderation finally - what a pain!

    The blueberry blossoms are pretty! I've never seen them before - we don't have many around here except on a few farms that try to grow them. Over near the coast though - amazing blueberries!