Thursday, March 7, 2013

Machines hate me

For some inexplicable reason, my husband and I are downright incapable of keeping certain kinds of machines working. While living in our first apartment, we managed to kill three lawn mowers (one of which was borrowed and we had to pay for it). It's the same way for us with appliances.They will work just long enough to be past the warranty, and then they will die.  (Especially if they're expensive, like washers or dryers or refrigerators.) We are on our third vacuum in this house alone. It drives me crazy.

This morning I attempted to cut the grass in our back yard. Mind you, my dad repaired our lawn mower last fall, and it was working just fine for him the last time it got used. It's been in storage since. I got all prepared for the year's first mowing: picked up large sticks that had fallen from the trees, moved the hammock out of the way, gathered dog toys and other foreign objects from the area, filled the mower with gas, checked the oil, and then tried to crank the mower......

and tried. And tried. And tried some more. The engine just sputtered a few times, but never really fired no matter how hard I tried to crank it. Eventually I was sweaty and cursing, pulling the stupid lever over and over and nearly taking my shoulder out of joint in the process. I was so. pissed. off. Eventually I gave up, but only after kicking the machine a couple of times and sending a  colorfully worded (ahem) text to my husband (he's at work) expressing my frustration. So much for cutting the grass!

To add to the joy of discovering the mower is broken (again!) we've been planning to buy a new washing machine. We don't have much choice. Our current one is leaking water all over the floor during the rinse cycle. And forget getting anything repaired these days. We live in a throw away society; shops that repair appliances no longer exist.  They just continue to sell you crap quality new machines that are guaranteed not to last half as long as they should. And coming to my house is like a death warrant for them anyway!

I don't know why machines hate me so much, but I do know one thing: I'm about to have a glass of wine (nevermind it's just past lunchtime) and forget all about that f*#!ing mower for the day!


  1. Don't feel bad about the vacuums... they're designed to last for about 6 months (whatever they say on the box). I took my mower out of hibernation recently, just to see if it would go. I cleaned the plug, and sprayed a little WD40 into the plug hole before replacing it. It started up beautifully. The engine is by Honda... always a good choice.

  2. That sucks. I tend to blow up computers (three complete destructions in three years, and we are talking NOTHING LEFT), and batteries die faster around me. I also once had a watch that would only work if I wasn't wearing it... maybe it's to do with your energy level?

  3. Some people just have that magic touch. :^)

  4. Could you perhaps have too much chaotic energy in your area? Perhaps do a cleansing and grounding. You'll likely have to repeat it often but it may work.