Sunday, April 28, 2013

April showers bring...., of course......


...ferns in shady spots.....

...swelling blueberries.....

.....tiny walnut catkins and new leaves appearing....

and cottony clouds after the sun comes out.

This is what late April looks like in my backyard.



(And look what else is going on out there!)

The first clutch of house sparrow babies
being reared in the old birdhouse this year.


  1. Our Irises are just in flower too. I wonder if we could grow Blueberries? I must find out.

  2. I'll bet you could! They are so delicious, and low maintenance too!

  3. We had honeysuckle growing right alongside the wisteria on our little back deck when I was a little girl (on a house built in 1909), and I used to love doing that too. The smell of the two flowers mingling in the warmer summer air was such a heavenly scent - I wish I could have bottled it and turned it into a perfume to wear these days (eons after we moved from that house).

    Wishing you joyful, fantastic month of May, dear Jennifer!
    ♥ Jessica

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