Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life with dogs

I woke up this morning, and on my way to make the coffee I noticed that Ginger was curled up in her doggie bed with something small, gray, and fuzzy that I couldn't immediately identify. I figured it was probably some old toy she found in the yard yesterday and brought back to bed with her. So I started a pot of coffee, yawned a few times (I was only about half awake) and then went to have a closer look.

It's a dead squirrel that she apparently killed, then brought back to bed with her. Ugh!!

When I started freaking out and yelling, did she look guilty? Not a bit. She couldn't care less.

Life with dogs.

The unrepentant squirrel killer.


  1. She probably just wanted a soft toy! Start your Christmas present list; 'Fluffy Squirrel for Ginger'.

  2. Oh my! I'm sure if we had a yard, that's the kind of thing Miss Annie might do herself when she's a bit older, too (being half Lab, half American bulldog, she's definitely got both the hunting and retrieving traits in her veins and would probably enjoy going after small critters).

    ♥ Jessica