Thursday, May 2, 2013

Southern accents

I thought this was a very interesting clip about the origins of the American Southern accent. Apparently, we're the only people left in the U.S. that still sound like the first generation of settlers....most of whom were from the U.K.

I quit being ashamed of my accent years ago (as a teenager my friends and I worked hard to try and not sound Southern...without much success!). It's part of who I am; if anyone thinks it makes me sound stupid or uneducated, that's their problem. Down here we sound like our ancestors:

Origins of the American Southern accent


  1. She's really clever, morphing accents like that. I like it. I think white Australian accents are based a lot on the Irish and yet I've heard people who grew up in Arnhem Land sounding distinctly Aboriginal. Good on you for being proud of your accent!

  2. When I listen to American accents 'in general' (if such a thing exists) I tend to hear Irish and Scottish, with a bit of torpor thrown in.

    However, regional accents are important and should be treasured.