Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's almost here (and almost over!)

We're in the home stretch now...Christmas is a mere 3 days away! I can't wait to see it come and go. This has been an incredibly hectic holiday season. In addition to the normal woes of working in retail (long hours, crowds, etc.) we've also had our share of extra stress this year.

 Money is tight thanks to a big car repair, Husband had the flu two weeks ago and is still recovering, and I woke up yesterday morning with the beginning of a bad cold. In addition to all that, we've adopted a new dog. The timing of the adoption was bad, but George was on the "put to sleep" list, so we didn't have the option of waiting until after the holidays. We love him already--he's lovable and playful and sweet--but he's also very young, bursting with energy, and in need of training. I've been working hard teaching him to walk properly on a leash, and we've had to take extra walks every single day, not just for training but to burn off some of his excess energy.  Getting another dog has been a lot of work so far, during an already hectic month. I'm looking forward to January when I can spend more time with both of the dogs, as well as having some down time for myself.

Sweet George

Ginger and George share a bed now.

Today is my last day off before Christmas, so I'm baking cookies. This cold has made me feel lousy, and I really don't feel like doing anything--but I'm soldiering on. The holiday is coming, ready or not!

Ho ho ho.


  1. Sharing a bed must mean that they get on well together, so that hurdle is over.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have a cold, that's exactly what you DON'T want at Christmas. Constant hot Lemon and Honey drinks are all I can suggest; maybe with a splash of Cognac. Best wishes, Cro x.

  2. Got a cold myself. No fun. Take lots of C and Zinc. George looks happy in his new home. You guys have a good Christmas. X.