Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We survived!

Last week was rough, folks. Rough. Husband caught the flu, I had an emergency trip to the dentist, there was an expensive car repair, and Christmas is steadily approaching without regard for our woe or lack of preparation. I had to have a root canal yesterday, which I was dreading. Dreading. Husband has been miserable and feverish, the laundry stack rose higher and higher and our house was devolving into a total pig-pen mess. I was about ready to run away from home!

I am happy to report, that as of today, Tuesday, things seem to be improving. My root canal didn't hurt much at all. I was taking lots of pain pills, and before the dentist started he numbed me up really, really well. The procedure went quickly and smoothly. This morning I only have some mild soreness in my jaw. What a relief! And Husband is feeling a little bit better, not 100% yet but improving slowly. I got some laundry done last night, then had a good night's sleep, and this morning I cleaned and mopped the kitchen and bathroom. Things are looking up!

Time to get a move on with the Christmas decorating and planning. Here's hoping the rest of the month goes more smoothly than the first week!


  1. Sorry, but I shall not start any preparation for Christmas until about the 20th. I hate all the hype and fuss; to me it's just a slightly bigger meal on the day itself, and that's it. Although I am already on the lookout for my tree!

  2. {{{Huge hugs}}}

    With a small number exceptions (such as our terrific trip to Calgary back in September), this who year has been plagued by curveballs, headaches and big expenses not unlike the kind you guys have been enduring lately. I'm really sorry you've both been having such a rough patch and hope dearly that 2014 (which can't get here fast enough in my books!) will be a better, less stressful year for all of us.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I am well behind......wish I was like Cro... But I have the job to organize it all