Thursday, October 2, 2014

October in the chair *

It's difficult to believe September is done and already we're entering the home stretch of 2014. October is usually a nice month here. The days are pleasantly warm, the nights are refreshingly cool, and leaves are just beginning to change color. We won't have our first frost for about a month yet. It's a great time to plant bulbs and perennials for next year, and the perfect time for transplanting almost anything. Speaking of which, here is my market impulse buy from yesterday:

It's a miniature potted rose bush that was on sale for only $15. It's large and covered in buds, and should continue to bloom for the rest of this month. I potted it up into a nice, roomy container and now it's brightening up our patio. The latter half of September seemed full of gloom and angst for me (probably partly due to the rapidly shortening days) and I felt I could use a small spot of color and cheer. The tiny, blood-red blossoms are just perfect, and they make me happy every time I enter or leave the house. Not a bad deal for $15!

Inside, I've done a little bit of fall decorating. It's been mostly easy stuff, like candleholders with fall motifs and changing out the "summer" kitchen linens (dish cloths with sunflowers) for the "autumn" ones (leaves, pumpkins, fall colors). I also added some seasonal decorations to our dining room table, just to pretty it up a little. We hardly ever eat there.

It's truly hard to believe that it's October, and Halloween is right around the corner. I love the cooler weather, but the short days really dampen my spirit. And of course, October means the winter months are almost here, which I always dread (for a variety of reasons). So I try to enjoy October, and Halloween, partly for that reason--it will be January before I feel like things are back to normal and I'm my usual cheerful self. In the meantime, there are some nice seasonal distractions to be had: knitting, hot tea, the fireplace lit in the evenings (soon, but not yet), movies, and books books books. It's the best season for serious reading.

And a good season for walking, too. I've been walking the dogs more now that the weather is cool. Not only are we going for more walks, but they're longer than they were in the sweltering heat of summer. It's been really, really good for George. The more he exercises the better he behaves. Ginger, of course, is always perfect.

Somebody loves cool, sunny days.
We often walk George with a weighted
backpack to help him burn a little more excess energy.

Happy October to all!

* Today's blog title is from my favorite short story by Neil Gaiman.


  1. My boys seem to prefer this season's weather; we took them for their final swim of 2014 yesterday. I like the idea of a weighted backpack. He doesn't mind?

  2. Not at all! He carries it proudly! Sometimes we toss in water bottles for everyone and he seems to like having a "job" to do. We also add a small hand weight to each side. He's a strong boy!

  3. I too, find it hard to believe that October is already here....but it is my favorite month of all, so I'm happy! I used to really dread the winter months being so cold-natured...they made me feel somewhat depressed. But in the last couple of years I've come to find a new appreciation for Winter that I never had before. I have a little chiminea that I light, up where I sit in my little sacred space in my oak grove, and the caw of the crows keep me company. It's a wonderful time to reflect, and holding a nice steaming cup of coffee while out there in the cold is almost therapeutic, ha! But no season will ever thrill me as much as Autumn...the season I long for all year long! Happy October! :o)

  4. I hear you there, dear lady! I can scarcely believe that not only is October here, but that we're a solid week into it. This is my favourite month (hands down) and it's flying by at the speed of light. Between the trip we took recently and the time I'll take to recover from it (weeks), plus many family events and holidays, plus our wedding anniversary this month, I doubt I'll have a moment to stop and catch my breath the whole time (and be one knackered camper come November!!!). Still, it's okay, October is usually fast paced for us and I've come to enjoy that about it in many ways - especially since I know it all leads to my favourite holiday at the very end of it! :)

    Wishing you a joyful, fantastic month!
    ♥ Jessica