Saturday, July 11, 2015

!@%# Irritated!

I finally have a weekend off and am I happy? No, I am not.

I'm irritated and quite frankly fed up!

Our a/c has quit working for the second time in a week. On a weekend, yet again. And it's f*cking's temps are expected to reach 100°F. Last night, after a long stressful day at work, I arrived home with a splitting headache only to discover that the house was 80 degrees and rising. My husband hadn't even noticed (!). So I've had almost no sleep and my headache is still pounding away this morning and it's 85° in this house. The landlord is trying to get in touch with the repair guy. I wonder what the chances are he'll come out on a Saturday?

I was supposed to go visit my parents today. I haven't seen them since March. Thanks to my crappy job where I never get a fair deal on the schedule, I had to work on Mother's Day, Father's Day, and my mom's birthday. I only got a weekend off because I requested it two months ago, and now I can't go see them because I have to wait around for the repair guy (who may or may not show up).

This house we're renting is old and in increasingly poor shape. There are a list of things that need fixing as long as my arm. I'm ready to get out of here! Especially right now, when I'm ridiculously irritated. There's nothing like hot weather to shorten my (normally long) fuse!


  1. Oh dear Jennifer. I hope the repair man comes soon and fixes it. These things always happen at the wrong time. Perhaps you need to be more assertive at work if you are always getting the crappy schedules, don't let them take advantage of you. Stay calm and relax.xx

    1. Thanks Rachel. Unfortunately I am powerless at my job and the schedule is made by one of my bosses who us narcissistic to the point of being (I strongly suspect) a sociopath. If I complain I'll just make things worse for myself. This is why I'm trying so hard to find a new job. Last night I was terribly depressed almost to the point of tears at work, I hate it there so much. And now my weekend off is ruined. Sorry to be all about the pity party today. It's so hot and sticky in this house that I'm miserable. :(

    2. Perhaps if your husband is still offering, you should leave the job. ( I remember you said He said you could a while back. ) Talk to him about it. My philosophy is positive thinking. One door shuts and another door opens. You will find another job, even if it is shelf filling at the local supermarket, and part-time, just for a while. You cannot keep this job if you are so unhappy.x

  2. Thanks, Rachel. Yes, I could leave if I get to the point that things are unbearable. But I have a couple of friends trying to help me get a job with the local school district, and as soon as a clerical spot opens I should be able to get it. And the person I hate most at work is about to take two weeks off for vacation (!!!) and I have a couple of friends there who are as miserable as me, which provides much-needed emotional support. So I'm trying to stick it out if I can until I find something else. But knowing I can walk if I absolutely reach the breaking point is a comfort!

  3. I am equally irritated this morning, but for a totally different reason. May we both become calm by this evening.