Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer afternoon naps

There's almost nothing higher on my list of favorite things than a good long nap on a hot afternoon.

I love to lower the a/c until the house has a slight chill, draw the blinds to block out the fiery beams of the daystar, and settle down under a light cotton throw with my favorite pillow and a book. Before long, it's off to dreamland for an hour or two.

My husband almost never naps, and when he does it's usually only for 30 minutes or so. He says he hates "to waste the day" which I don't understand. A nap, to my way of thinking, is as good a way as any to spend the day. Especially when it's too darn hot to even consider being outdoors!

Or maybe I'm just lazy!


  1. You'e not lazy. I accomplish more when I get enough sleep.


  2. I agree with you 100%. My only problem is that I tend to wake-up feeling very drowsy.

  3. My eldest brother has had an after dinner (lunch to most of you) nap for as long as I can remember, from his 20s easily, and he always said that it set him up for the rest of the day. In fact he can take a nap whenever he likes, and is always immediately wide awake when he wakes from it. He immediately falls asleep on all plane journeys and wakes up fresh. He is the only member of my family who can do it. Sometimes I wish I could too. But I can't.