Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rain, more rain, and one bright spot!

Today is my last day off of a 6 day stretch of vacation time I've used up and guess what? It's rained off and on Every. Single. Day.

I had such plans for outdoor chores: cleaning up the yard, gathering pine straw for mulching, cleaning out and washing my car, giving the dogs baths (I can't bathe them inside. Lifting them into the bathtub is hell on my back, and I've been dealing with pulled muscles for a month now. I'm not looking to make it worse!) and taking the dogs on a couple of individual trips to Jeffries Creek park. Sadly, none of that stuff got done. Stupid rain!

We did manage to take the dogs out for walks around the neighborhood every day even though we ended up caught in the rain twice. This morning I took both of them to the little park down the road in between showers. They love it there.

My sweet girl!

George climbing on the
playground equipment and
rocking his weighted backpack!

After our walk, I got home to discover that I had a missed call...from someone who wants to interview me for a job! So even though it's already raining again, my afternoon had a bright spot!

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