Friday, February 26, 2016


Tomorrow is the South Carolina Democratic primary. Last Saturday was the Republican primary, and to my great disgust Donald Trump won by a wide margin. As another blogger that lives in this state often says, it's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

How any rational person supports this cretin is totally beyond me. Earlier this week I met a Canadian and I felt compelled to tell her how embarrassed I am sometimes to be an American, especially an American living in the South. Honestly, none of the top Republican candidates are people any thinking person could support. Cruz is actually scarier than Donald Trump in his political beliefs. At least with Trump, all his racism and bigotry and swagger is out in the open for anyone to see. Knowing what kind of Evangelical Christian mindset Cruz panders to, I think he's more dangerous than Trump. And has a far better chance of being elected, sadly.

I'll be voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary tomorrow. It seems awfully far fetched to imagine a progressive, Socialist, non-practicing Jew winning the presidency, but early on I felt the same way about Obama. I don't care for Hillary Clinton, and besides that I think it's high time that we see the last the Bush and Clinton families. Some of the young guys at work have been working on the Sanders campaign so I've been able to get bumper stickers and a yard sign, which looks funny among all the Trump and Cruz signs in my neighborhood.


  1. Imagine (just imagine, no more) that The Chump became president. Would he be able to do what he says he'd like to do? I doubt it very much. He'd probably end-up as a one term ineffectual president, who kept the world on their toes for a while.

    Didn't he recently say that he wanted to punch someone? I say that quite often too, so we must have something in common (but not politics).

  2. Just like I never understood why the Italians were (some still are!) so fond of Silvio Berlusconi, I don't think I'll ever "get" why anyone would take Donald Trump seriously enough to trust him with such an important job.

    1. Silvia Berlusconi is a shame! No one believed he would get voted and what happened - he "reigned" for nearly 20 years. I suppose we deserve what we vote for. Greetings Maria x

  3. You've got a Sanders sign up? Beware in case The Klan come riding down your street with burning torches held aloft.

  4. Hitler was mentally deluded........trump is just as ass