Saturday, March 5, 2016

Historic Lynches River

Lynches River Park is where Gregg and I will be camping for a couple of nights next weekend. Early this week we went to have a look around and see if the campsites were dry. I snapped a couple of photos while we were there, nothing very good, but I did get one of a sign posted at the entrance to the river platform trail that may be of interest to Mr Yorkshire Pudding. I took these just for him.

I love following YP's  walks around his home in the English countryside. The places he gets to visit are astonishing to me because of their antiquity. There's so much history for him to share, and it's always a real treat when he blogs about the places he visits.

This part of South Carolina where I live was heavily involved in the Revolutionary War. The rivers were an important part of the war, as well as the rest of our relatively short history as a state. Rivers provided a means of transport and travel in our very earliest days.

When the first British colonists settled here, what a different world it must have seemed. A New World in every sense of the word, with only a few small and scattered tribes of Native Americans inhabiting this vast land. I can hardly imagine how huge and wild and bursting with possibility it must have seemed.

Here are a few photos I took the other day at Lynches River.  Please forgive the quality; I took these with my phone. When we go camping I'll dig out my camera to take so I can get some better ones.

The last photo is my favorite. This looks like home to me. I grew up not far from here in a town close to the Pee Dee river, and only about 40 miles from the beaches. The flat land, sandy soil, pine trees, and Spanish moss are typical of the place I'm from.


  1. Having read this post, I am rather jealous about your forthcoming trip to Lynches River Park. Despite that jealousy I hope that the weather is kind to you while you are camping there Jennifer. Also - may I say it pleases me greatly that you genuinely enjoy my country rambles. I know that such posts are not everybody's cup of tea.

    1. I'm really looking forward to our trip. There's nothing like sitting beside a roaring campfire underneath the stars.

      My maternal grandfather was a very devoted fisherman who would often spend nights down on the Pee Dee, in his boat, fishing or just drifting in his boat.In his old age he loved to reminisce about those nights...the sounds of the nocturnal animals, the soft lapping water against his oars, the inky black river reflecting the moon and stars like a continuous and unbroken path of sky. I think of him now when we camp at the river. I like to imagine him somewhere out there on the water, still, in the afterlife.

      Now I'm feeling weepy and missing my granddad. I must need to take some more cold medicine and go back to bed. Being sick tends to make me nostalgic and my feelings get tender.

  2. Jennifer, these photos are excellent. It's just as interesting for me, this side of the pond, to see photos of the places you visit, as it is to see the ones that Yorkshire Pudding takes too. Such totally different landscapes but both as fascinating. As someone said to me many years ago, just remember that the actual land we walk on is the same age wherever we go.
    By the way, I read "A Man Called Ove", and really enjoyed it. I thought the ending was very satisfying - you could imagine that the new man would be just another Ove ! Thank you for recommending it.

    1. I was just thinking, earlier today, about how all the land in the world is the same age. The Native Americans that once inhabited this land had their own history. I wish more of it had been preserved.

      I'm glad you liked the book! I agree that the ending was satisfying. I ended up loving old grouchy Ove. :)

  3. I love that Spanish Moss, it has an eerie beauty about it. Have fun camping, and don't forget to take a couple of sticks with you, to scare away the Bears.

  4. Great photos, mobile phone or camera!
    Camping is not exactly my idea of a perfect weekend (I love my hot shower and comfortable bed too much, I'm afraid), but I am sure you'll love every minute of it, and so will your dogs.
    Wonderful memories of your granddad, and I understand very well about feeling weepy when you indulge in such a bout of nostalgia.

    Last night at the cinema, before our movie started (Hail Cesar), the trailer for "Ove" was shown. I remembered what I'd read about the book on your blog. Looks like the film lives up to the book :-)

  5. The pictures are beautiful! I'm with Librarian, camping is not for me either.
    Thank you, my friend for the lovely reply you left for me in another blog:-)
    Greetings Maria xxx