Thursday, February 9, 2017

Scenes from a morning walk

Daffodils are beginning to bloom beside my house.

Beautiful sky on a windy February day.

Yet another blooming tulip magnolia in my neighborhood.

The dogs just finished leaving "pee-mail" for their buddy Bob the German shepherd.

It's a beautiful day outside, windy and cool with lots of sunshine and big fluffy clouds. I'm still struggling a bit with depression, but time spent outdoors with Ginger and George helps.

(Also, I finally found something new I want to read! Rumer Godden is one of my very favorite authors, and I've never been able to find a copy of  her book "Black Narcissus" which was made into a movie a long time ago. Last night I typed her name into a search engine on my Nook, and several of her books are now available for download...including Black Narcissus! I'll be reading for the rest of my afternoon off!)

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful photos Jennifer. Getting outside in the sunshine with your dogs will surely help a bit with the depression. It's been a bitterly cold, grey day in England.

  2. Your neighborhood is so picturesque. I hope that spending some time outdoors helps with your depression.

    It's snowing here in NJ, and I have to go back out and shovel. Not much of a day off, but it beats going to work!

    Enjoy your day off, and your book :-)

  3. The sunshine, blue sky and the beautiful blossom on the tulip magnolia are a sight to lift the spirits. I do hope that you'll soon be feeling better.
    I've enjoyed many Rumer Godden books over the years. Thank you for reminding me about her - I must see what I can find for my Kindle.

  4. Nicer weather makes everyone feel better I think.
    I am so happy to hear you are doing somewhat better.
    I don't know this writer I will look her up.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I love Rumer Godden, especially her childhood memoirs.
    You are way ahead of us with the daffs, we are still at the snowdrop stage. Lovely day where you are, wish the clouds would lift here.

  6. It's hard to feel deeply depressed on a sunny day like that Jennifer! Do you think George or Ginger ever get depressed? I doubt it. However, human depression isn't a can just creep up on us. Let's hope that yours creeps away again before February is over.

    1. Honestly, Neil, I don't think I have real depression....I know the difference! I think it's just a combination of being super burned out at my job, no good job prospects on the radar, the daily awful news from the Trump administration and constant medical and dental bills taking all of my extra money that's leaving me feeling a bit down and unenthusiastic. I'll be ok. And no, the dogs never seem to have any depression! They're happy every day!

  7. Black Narcissus (the movie) is a favourite of mine. The face of the evil Nun is unforgettable. We have Daff leaves, but no flowers as yet.

  8. Enjoy your reading, Jennifer! I agree, being out (soaking up as much daylight as you can) is a great way to combat mild depression, or even just a bit of a bad mood. Can't blame you for feeling a little low, what with your job situation, financial worries and the stuff that's happening in Washington.

  9. I miss daffodils, so I was delighted to see your picture. I think these early spring flowers must be genetically programmed to give us hope.

  10. Crikey ..... such beautiful photos and look at that look of love on Ginger's face. I look at My Mum like that too. We sure do love you peeps, aye??