Wednesday, November 22, 2017

An anniversary

Ten years ago today (on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving) I came home from work and found a stranger hiding under a chair on our back porch.

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Thanksgiving Day, 2007

At the time, I was less than thrilled. We had lost our beloved spaniel, Nicky, the prior December, and I was still devastated by the loss. I wasn't even close to ready for a new dog. The previous spring we had moved to a house in the country on a large piece of land (14 acres) and we only had a couple of close neighbors. It was pretty obvious that someone had dumped an unwanted puppy from a car and left her to fend for herself. (We heard later that that's a pretty common practice out in the country). It's a terrible thing to do to a dog.

The young dog was friendly and determined to make her home with us. The original plan was to try to find someone to take her, someone who was ready for and wanted a dog. Of course, that never panned out.....

....and thank all that's good or right in the Universe that it didn't! Ginger has been a blessing to us. She is the best dog I've ever known.....fiercely loyal and protective of her people, intelligent, loving. She's never done bad-dog things like chewing things up or barking excessively or getting into trouble.

Ginger is country girl at heart. Her first three years with us she lived a wild and free outside life on the property we were renting. When we finally moved back to the city she adjusted beautifully to life in a neighborhood, much to our surprise. She still prefers being outside almost all the time, especially as the sun comes up in the morning or when it sets in the evening. She likes watching the birds and squirrels and people waking up and moving about. She loves her daily long walks, and still requires a good deal of exercise. She has a certain dignity now at ten years old.

She's helping us raise George (we need all the help we can get with that wild boy) and has no problem putting him right in his place. He shows her ultimate respect and understands she's on par with us in the family hierarchy. It's funny to watch him defer to her now that he's so much bigger than she is! He loves her devotedly, though. It's really sweet.

Happy anniversary/homecoming to our beloved girl! We had no idea on that Thanksgiving eve 10 years ago how much joy and love this abandoned puppy would bring to our lives.

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  1. Sweetness. A good dog is a jewel and a blessing. Sounds like Ginger is both and much more.

  2. My first dog, a scruffy Black-n-Tan mutt, was also the most wonderful companion one could imagine. It's those tan spots over the eyes that tells you they'll be perfect.

  3. She is so beautiful, you told so nice her story, with a lot of love in it.

  4. What a lovely story, and what a gorgeous dog.

  5. I love Ginger plus she is so beautiful. What a lovely story about her life and the lucky chance you all found each other.
    A most Happy Thanksgving to you all.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. She was looking for you. You needed each other.

  7. What a beautiful story. I'm so glad you found each other.

  8. Happy 10th Anniversary to Ginger and you! I've always been fond of the name Ginger.

  9. Why did you call her Ginger as her coat is mostly black?

  10. I loved your post. I do not understand people who choose to live their life without a pet. An animal gives so much and takes so little. They give so much love and make our lives joyful. I can see that is true with your wonderful Ginger.

    1. Yes, they do give us so much. But sometimes it would be simply very unfair to the pet. I grew up with cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, plus my Dad kept aquariums. When my husband and I moved to this flat, my beloved old cat had just died (in 2003). We took a new cat in from the animal shelter, and she was well loved and cared for - it was easy, because one of us was always there for her, and when we went on holiday, my parents came to take care of her.
      Then my husband died in 2009, and in 2013, my cat. Now I was entirely on my own. And I still live alone, except for when my boyfriend spends the weekend.
      During the week, I am at work all day, and often out and about in the evenings, too. On weekends, I am very often at my boyfriend's, who lives a two-hour train ride from me.
      To have a pet under those circumstances would mean neglect of the poor animal. If I get a pet again, it will be at the time of my retirement, preferably a dog and a cat.
      I still miss the cats that used to live with me, even after so many years.

  11. A wonderful story, thank you for posting it! How lucky for Ginger that she was dumped at yours of all places!
    How anyone can do anything cruel at all to animals is beyond me. (I do eat meat, I know...)
    By the way, I was wondering the same as Yorkshire Pudding :-)

  12. How sweet that Ginger is helping raise George; I love those little light brown eyebrows of hers.

  13. What a lovely looking dog! Maybe you could have also named her "Serendipity"!