Saturday, November 18, 2017

There goes Saturday.

I'm off today to visit my parents. They live about a 40 minute drive from here, and since I won't see them on Thanksgiving next week (Gregg and I are going camping) they want to go out to eat. Which is fine, except we're driving another hour after I get to their house to go to a seafood restaurant that they like. Don't get me wrong, I love seafood, but I'll end up spending almost 4 hours in the car on my day off for.....a nice lunch. And I have a million things to do at home today. Sigh.

At least I'll have the parental visit for Thanksgiving over with and I won't have to feel guilty about not going to see the family next week. We're looking forward to camping with the dogs instead!

Happy Saturday, friends.


  1. Why is that we always have to pay the price to do the simplest things of our hearts? Spending Thanksgiving in the woods with your love sounds divine.

  2. Oh the joy of living close. . . but that said on Thanksgiving Day with all the traffic and possibly bad weather a 5 hour drive is tough.
    Enjoy the time with Parental Units and then your nice Thanksgiving with husband and gud dugs !
    Best of both worlds.
    Take some photos if you can of the colorful trees and gud dugs !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. But they changed your diapers and taught you how to walk and talk and ride a bicycle... so it's payback time! Real life thanksgiving!

  4. Thank you, Yorkshire. I am adding my vote to smiling as you go. They love you and want seafood.

  5. I sympathise. Two hour drive to visit my Dad, lunch, then two hour drive home again. It's a duty visit because we have little in common.

  6. I hope the visit went well. I'm guessing your parents don't read your blog? :)

  7. Ah, yes, the parental visits. We used to do 4 to 7 hour round-trips (depending on traffic in and out of NYC) to my mother on our weekends off! Enjoy it anyway!

  8. As a child, I hated the drive to spend a boring Thanksgiving with a huge crowd of relatives and nothing to do but wait for the food, eat, sit around some more and drive back home. So dull. Now I face Thanksgiving alone. I foolishly bought food for people who backed out. I should have known.


  9. I wish I still had my parents to spend some time with but we all have different experiences. I hope you have good weather for camping.