Monday, September 30, 2019


One of the guidance counselors at the school where I work has the sweetest little boy. He's in the first grade, and rides the bus over to our school every afternoon to meet his momma and ride home with her. He's forever asking me if he can "help" me, and I've taught him how to do a few simple tasks--dialing the extension for me when a call needs to be transferred, clicking on my "inbox" icon to check emails, operating the big copier in the mail room. He loves it.

The other day, I brought him a little bag of treats as a thank-you for being "my little office helper". He was so pleased with it, and immediately asked me what my favorite color was. I told him it was green.

The next afternoon, he ran to me when he arrived and gave me a big hug, and then he presented me with this:

I just love that little sweetheart!


  1. He's probably in love with you. Smart child.

  2. How darling. It's so sweet when children want to help and just as sweet when adults find a way for the children to do it.


  3. That's really nice; it must have made your day! When I was teaching I once received a 'love letter' from a small girl (6 or 7). I wish I'd kept it safe somewhere. I fear it got lost.

  4. This is just wonderful. He made your day but you have made his too.

  5. Very sweet! Will you keep it in your office or put up somewhere at home?