Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Good news

Yesterday was a good day.

It started off with me spotting the first Goldfinch of the season on one of the feeders. I took that as a good sign.

Mid morning I sent my husband a text, asking how his bi-annual check up with his oncologist had gone. He still gets nervous before his appointments even though it's been 8 years now. His response was:

"All good. You're stuck with me for awhile. Less than 1% chance of lung cancer recurrence at this point. 10 to 15% chance of other cancers, statistically. So says Smith" (Dr. Smith is his oncologist).

What great news, huh?! He's been so lucky. The overwhelming majority of stage 3 lung cancer patients aren't even around 8 years later. So far he's defied the odds and I'm so grateful. So very grateful.


  1. How wonderful! I am grateful for you both!

  2. That is indeed very good news, and plenty of reason for gratefulness.
    Three cheers to Gregg and you!

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  4. And at this moment, nothing else matters. What joy!

  5. This is beyond good news. I hope the positives keep coming, back Jennifer.

  6. Gregg receives excellent nursing care at home from his live-in companion...Nurse Marco! Great news! I guess when one has been through what Gregg has been through you appreciate the passing weeks even more than everybody else.

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    1. Not you again Parker! You are like a fart in an elevator!

  8. Congrats to Greg! Eight years is great when you consider what the treatments were like back then... as if that's the dark ages.

  9. Greg will outlive us all.


  10. Such wonderful news !
    So happy for you both.
    parsnip xx

  11. Yay for Gregg and you, that health report is a great blessing.