Sunday, January 30, 2011

Imbolc is near

Imbolc is approaching, and it seems like it outside. The air is milder, warmer. The sky is a gentle blue with wispy cotton-candy clouds. The little song sparrows are examining the nest box, adding a twig or fiber occasionally to prepare for the upcoming nesting season. The earliest blooming trees (two Bradford pears in my yard) have swelling buds. The tips of the blueberry branches are turning red. My herbs are perking up. Sunset is beginning later with each passing day, closer to 6pm than to 5 now.

And oh, the marvelous pink sunsets we have been having! I love a late winter sunset with a deep inner joy. I know that they mean the slow approach of spring, no matter how much cold weather (and even snow) may still be in store. I am taking a few minutes each day (even at work) to walk outside and take in the beauty of it all.

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